VGuard Smart Security Technologies have been developing all scale end-to-end solutions with well-designed details and high quality standarts. Having a powerful R&D department and a mass production factory in Shenzhen, including SMT workshop, DIP workshop, assembling workshop, packaging workshop and silk mask workshop with the senior factory management team and more than two hundred skillful workers make wide-range product line with high quality system design possible.

With Focusing on developing smart security technologies, VGuard managed to develop smart analytics for CCTV product line and enables a new way for surveillance systems which makes larger projects taken under control easily with low cost and less risks. Foresawing the changes in the surveillance industry, VGuard’s exprienced engineering team started to work on the new technology developments which can create a better custumer experience and satisfaction. As the result of R&D investments, dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, VGuard is now growing to become a leading security solutions provider.

With focusing on the customer's challenges for providing high quality security systems and services, VGuard Team is consistently creating maximum value for the customers. Core values of the brand are deeply rooted in every aspect of the VGuard's business and they are driving force for the VGuard Team and are commitments to the ecosystem.